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It’s Where You Belong!

Dollor, the PR Guy

Discover Farm And, the world’s online farm and rancher master directory designed for connecting our industry in a unique way and to engage consumers.

Discover farms, ranchers, business and service providers related directly to our industry.

Free directory listings, free social media posting done for you to all major networks for extra advertising and discovery for you.

Get new customers, restaurants that want your products, discover a butcher near you and so much more. Locate a local restaurant that serves up delicious locally sourced produce, meats, cheese or milk.

Self publish your own articles and watch them get posted to social media everywhere.


We united to protect our heritage, grow young and new farmers and unite our industry. is the ultimate Farmer, Rancher and Business Directory designed to support our industry and unite consumers.

Cara Randolph
23997 County Rd M –
81321 Cortez

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