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Innovative communication solution eDetect is key to efficient energy management

Innovative communication solution eDetect is key to efficient energy management

It takes an intelligent interconnection of energy producers and consumers to precisely monitor energy consumption and demand peaks, to adjust the energy supply correspondingly, and thus improve energy efficiency.
Industrial data communication expert INSYS icom provides a large spectrum of M2M solutions for the energy sector including smart metering systems compliant with the new BSI regulations, smart grid technology, radio data connections for regenerative power sources, and control units for electric vehicle charging points. At the E-world 2012 trade exhibition, which will take place February 7-9 in Essen, Germany, INSYS icom (Hall 2, Stand 427) will present eDetect, an extensive energy management system complete with data logging, analysis, visualization, and consumption data optimization as required for certification according to DIN EN 16001.
The eDetect offer is directed not only to manufacturers. Energy suppliers, energy advisers, trading businesses, real estate agencies, and civil service institutions will also benefit from an inclusive monitoring which can generate energy savings between 5 and 20 percent of the overall consumption.

eDetect is used together with the INSYS icom industrial router MoRoS which receives energy consumption data from connected electricity meters. Integrated in the router is a Linux sandbox which provides an application for the intelligent pre-processing and transmission of all relevant data to the backend – with a selection of formats to choose from. Data are transferred via radio communication or any other IP network; the intervals can be individually adjusted.
MoRoS supports various types of electricity meters and sensors. Customers can purchase all required devices as a bundle from INSYS icom. For data visualization and analysis, users sign up with the eDetect portal where they can access all relevant energy data and define the data they want to see as well as the layout. For example, peak loads can be located and matched to a particular process. For high energy savings, processes can be precisely adjusted and optimized, monitored over a long term, and reports can be generated. In addition to that, MoRoS provides the full range of router functionalities
Founded in 1992, INSYS icom is a well-established technology partner for standardised products and individual solutions in industrial data communication and M2M technology. The company’s product portfolio ranges from simple serial modems to integrated mobile radio routers. Customers from various industry sectors, such as electric vehicle charging, energy, traffic engineering, me-chanical engineering, industrial plant construction and the public sector use INSYS icom’s durable solutions for various applications such as remote access, alarm messages and monitoring processes, and the efficient secure integration of systems. INSYS icom products are available in all types of data transfer technology with a wide range of features as DIN rail versions, in 19″ racks, as tabletop units and as board versions for easy integration. For many products, customers can use a freely available LINUX Sandbox to program their own applications, and use preset demo images for easy adaptation. INSYS icom’s technical support team helps customers find solutions to individual requirements and works in close cooperation with the development department regarding customer inquiries for new developments in the areas of hardware, applications or technology, thereby enabling clients to act quickly and efficiently.

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