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meteocontrol to concentrate activities in Augsburg

PV service provider meteocontrol to combine hardware and software development at one site

meteocontrol to concentrate activities in Augsburg

meteocontrol is moving the development and production of its data loggers to the company base in Aug

Augsburg, 02/15/2016 – meteocontrol GmbH, a specialist for monitoring systems and quality assurance of photovoltaic systems, plans to move the development and production of its data loggers from Moers to Augsburg. The company’s base in Augsburg will take over these areas in July 2016. Until recently, meteocontrol has focused exclusively on developing Web portals that monitor and manage PV systems in Augsburg. The company expects the combination of operations to produce a range of synergies.

„By concentrating our activities in Augsburg, we intend to increase our competitiveness,“ Martin Schneider, the Managing Director of meteocontrol, said in explaining the reasons for the decision. „We also intend to tap the synergies that will result from combining hardware and software development at one development and production location.“

Beginning in July 2016, meteocontrol will develop and produce its data loggers, like the blue“Log X series of data loggers, at the company’s base in Augsburg. Through the use of meteocontrol’s monitoring portals such as the VCOM Web application, the data loggers provide an efficient system for use in the professional remote monitoring and control of PV systems.

Made in Germany – made in Augsburg
„With our strategic concentration on one German site, we plan to strengthen meteocontrol’s development department, optimize processes and dynamically create innovative product solutions,“ Schneider added. The company plans to develop innovative software solutions even faster with the help of streamlined processes and short lines of communication. meteocontrol intends to maintain its production base in Germany.

About metecontrol:
meteocontrol, EU headquarter based in Augsburg, Germany and APMEA headquarter based in Shanghai (China), with offices and branches in Chicago (U.S.A.), Lyon (France), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy) and Moers (Germany) offers energy and weather data management, yield reports, quality audits and technical due diligence as well as monitoring of PV systems of all sizes. meteocontrol has more than 40 years of expertise in renewable energy systems and has so far been involved in projects with a total investment volume of more than 13 billion Euros. In addition, meteocontrol is the market leader for professional remote monitoring of PV systems. meteocontrol monitors around 40,500 PV systems around the globe with a total power of over 10,7 GWp. meteocontrol is a member of SFCE Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited.
Further information:

meteocontrol GmbH
Nadja Sagnotti
Spichere Str. 48 48
86157 Augsburg
+49 (0)821 34 666-10
+49 (0)821 34 666-11

epr-elsaesser public relations
Andrea Schneider
Maximilianstraße 50
86150 Augsburg
0821-4508 7918

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