CEO Hünkar Korkmaz acquires DEGERenergie

Prosperous company with excellent order situation changes ownership

CEO Hünkar Korkmaz acquires DEGERenergie

Hünkar Korkmaz, the new owner of DEGERenergie.

Horb a.N., Germany, January 20th, 2015. DEGERenergie, world market leader for solar tracking systems based in Horb, Germany, has a new owner: The former and present CEO Hünkar Korkmaz and his spouse Ömür Korkmaz have acquired all shares in the company from its founder Artur Deger and his spouse Anita. Both parties have agreed to keep the purchase price confidential.

Full order books, exciting mega-projects and an enormous potential – Hünkar Korkmaz and his spouse have acquired an ideal company with best perspectives from the entrepreneur couple Deger. “DEGERenergie has worked profitable over all the years, even during the difficult market phase we had recently”, says Artur Deger. “And the market for our systems keeps growing strongly worldwide.”

Among others the company will wind up some large projects in Canada, USA, Angola and other countries within the next weeks and months. Plus, a lot of smaller solar plant operators want to build up or increase their capacities with DEGER products.

Hünkar Korkmaz has been working for DEGER for more than three years. He has been leading the company´s business for about a year. “I have closely examined the figures, the products and the potential. And when the opportunity to buy all shares arose, we took this chance.”

“Especially in the USA and the Middle East our business prospects are excellent”, says Hünkar Korkmaz. In both regions he maintains long-term business relationships. “I am quite sure that we will experience a strong growth of photovoltaics in the Middle East and the neighboring countries. And it is sufficiently known that the market in the US develops very dynamically.”

The owner family had decided to sell its shares in DEGERenergie in order to be able to focus on new projects and developments with their second company, DEGERtechnik GmbH & Co. KG. “Photovoltaics has grown from its infancy”, says Artur Deger. “Now it´s time to enhance and integrate the efficient use of renewable energies. Therefore we have already developed patent-ready solutions. Currently we are working intensively on perfecting these solutions”.

DEGER´s MLD* technology is based on a unique, patented light sensor which aligns the solar modules automatically with the point in the sky that provides the greatest energy. For this reason, DEGER systems achieve significant greater yields than other solar systems, regardless of their geographical position.

*Maximum Light Detection

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About DEGER (

DEGER is the leading manufacturer with the world”s largest product portfolio for single and dual axis solar tracking systems. Its market position is based on the unique, patented “Maximum Light Detection” or MLD technology developed by Artur Deger. This technology makes it possible to increase the yield of solar power plants through the use of “intelligent” control. In this case the MLD sensor constantly aligns the connected solar modules with the point in the sky that provides the greatest energy. Thus solar systems guided with MLD achieve a 45 percent greater yield on average than fixed systems – during peak periods this value is even considerably higher. With more than 55,000 systems installed in 53 countries, DEGER is world”s market and technology leader. The company offers every solution relevant to the product – from development and planning to production and sales, all the way through to maintenance and repair.

DEGER was founded in 1999 and was distinguished with the Baden-Württemberg Inventors Award for the MLD sensor. In 2005 DEGER opened its first branch office in Spain, in 2009 the branch office in Greece followed. In 2011 a branch office was opened in Australia and 2014 in South Africa. In summer 2011 production began in Australia, followed by South Africa in 2014. DEGER produces in Germany, Australia, Canada and in South Africa. The company”s business is managed by CEO Hünkar Korkmaz.

You can”t always rely on the weather – but you can rely on an intelligent control system from DEGER.

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