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Hanover Fair 2018: ENTRADE AG presents high-performance compact power plant fueled by biogenic waste

High plant flexibility: modular power plants with an energy output from 25 kW to 5 MW

Hanover Fair 2018: ENTRADE AG presents high-performance compact power plant fueled by biogenic waste

CEO Julien Uhlig explains the power plant

At this year”s Hanover Fair ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG is presenting a further model of the biogenic-waste fueled power plant it has developed in-house. Currently two versions are available, with a respective electrical output of 25 kW (E3) or 50 kW (E4). These can be combined on the modular principle to form larger units, resulting in power plants of up to 5 MW.

The E3 and the new, more powerful E4 compact power plant – which are protected by numerous patents – are based on years of research and development. In a high-temperature reactor they use previously unused biogenic waste to produce a high-quality synthesis gas, which in turn drives an internal combustion engine and supplies electricity as well as heat or, if required, cooling.

Power plant can start operation within two days

It is the world’s first modular, series-produced, patented, fully automatic biomass power plant for grid-connected and off-grid power generation. Each individual small power plant (E4) has a generator output of 50 kWel and a nominal heat output of 120 kWth, and can be put into operation on a turnkey basis within 48 hours. This capacity can supply around 50 households with electricity and heat.

With a length of 186 cm, a width of 156 cm and a height of only two metres, the individual system modules are particularly compact and can be shipped worldwide, even by air freight. Even without renewable energy subsidies the electric power they generate is competitive compared to other conventional or renewable power sources, and can be used locally in the stand-alone operation or fed into the public grid. The waste heat is used for heating purposes or can be transformed into cooling. The special feature: the individual small power plants can be connected to form larger units, resulting in power plants of up to 5 MW. In the last 18 months more than 150 of these power plants have been planned or commissioned in nine different countries worldwide.

Another focus at ENTRADE AG is to combine various renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics, wind power and biogas into a hybrid grid, thus forming a single power plant unit. Here the advantages of the respective technologies are optimally used in order to exploit the resulting synergies.

Many advantages over conventional power plants

Compared to conventional power plants, the E3 and E4 have a range of advantages.

– Flexible system sizes in electrical output steps of 25 kW.

– Biogenic waste serves as fuel, which makes power generation particularly sustainable.

– Even in the lower output range the modules have a very high efficiency level of over 85 percent.

– The compact power plants can be set up wherever the energy is needed or the waste is available.

– They do not require long approval procedures and can therefore be connected to the grid within 48 hours.

– Due to their modular design they are highly protected from breakdown and require little maintenance.

– It can be combined with other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy to form a hybrid grid, with the biomass power plant providing the base load and compensating for any fluctuation on the part of other energy sources.

– In terms of price the compact power plants are below usual costs for power plant construction.

CEO Julien Uhlig and ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG staff will be available at the Hanover Fair from 23 to 27 April 2018 at the joint stand of the state of NRW in Hall 27/ Stand F73. Further information is available at

Worldwide ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG develops, builds, operates and distributes innovative powersystems for the generation of electricity, heating and cooling from biomass and waste materials.

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