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Living responsibly, just and sustainable



San Rafael, CA. April 20, 2018 – OHIAS (Our Health Is At Stake) is honoring Earth Day with an important message from its founder regarding the reality of our day and time.

Around the time of our first Earth Day in 1972, our global numbers and consumption became unsustainable. Since then, 46 years later our numbers and consumption have grown considerably more unsustainable and is likely to grow to twice as much as what is required to live sustainable for a large number of people living today. If there was ever a need and a time to act responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires, it”s TODAY.

People living responsibly today could interrupt this situation as our world”s natural capacity as being half empty and look to conserve even more, while others living irresponsibly, people wanting more growth and profit will see it as half full because there”s still plenty in their eyes. But it really doesn”t matter much which way we look at it, either way, what remains will continue to decline and the quality will surely grow far deadlier than today unless we choose to live responsibly, just and sustainably as our NATURAL WORLD requires.

Life and life-sustaining natural capacity are declining today faster than any time since the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago by a single meteor, today it”s no meteor, nor is it global warming, it’s us, our great and growing numbers and our unsustainable want and need that”s unhealthy and unjust.

Today we are doing far too little, moving far too slowly and living far too large to achieve global sustainability in the remaining time we have, so there”s literally no time to waste. Let”s not entertain the idea that our children will be better able and equipped than us today since it will be difficult enough for them because there will be many more of them. It will likely be too late for them to make the changes we should be making today. Knowing all we know today let”s not make life any more difficult for them, let”s do what we must for them, as best we can!

This Earth Day, let”s have a serious and vigorous discussion about what constitutes just and sustainable living. Merriam-Webster says sustainability is (something), capable of being sustained (e.g. life). Further, it specifically mentions lifestyle as its defining characteristic. It”s very important to grasp this point fully, sustainability is a way of life that one chooses because it”s the most assured way of producing health and happiness for the greater good of all, rather than a few who don”t care much about our world today or tomorrow, the world our children are to inherit. The rich, even the richest people in the world can”t buy sustainability, true sustainability is not something we simply can buy, it must be earned by living sustainably through one”s community. There”s also the popular United Nations Brundtland Commission of 1987 that addresses sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The problem here is it addresses needs of people in a very loose sense when it should be addressing the health and welfare of all people and planet, first and foremost.

Our children”s future is in our hands today and not so much in the hands of big business and government as we believe, we are the consumers and we are the taxpayers, we simply need to demand far more and work more courageously at living sustainably, especially reducing our quantity and increasing the quality and healthiness of what we create and use every day.

The overall point is this, our natural world contains just so much natural capacity that grew over billions of years, creating a living world, possibly the most beautiful and natural living world anywhere. Shouldn”t we begin caring for our planet Earth in a loving manner as though it is?

We have one choice today, it”s an individual choice to continue following what got us here or choosing a different course, a natural course, one our natural world requires and would benefit all life and planet.

OHIAS believes living responsibly is essential in our twenty-first century and believes it understands the complexity of our world and living today and how what is said here goes against the grain of the things we are accustomed to, but if you feel the true reality and great URGENCY of our day as we do, we ask you to AGREE with us.

OHIAS is a people, community and planet benefit organization. OHIAS’s mission and work are about educating, assisting and empowering all to live and work more harmoniously with nature and one another, especially in our communities to avoid further and certain ruin of our planet”s finite life-sustaining capacity. A principal objective of our mission is to end waste as we know it today. OHIAS is not yet a 501.c3 organization, we are working on it, your contributions will help us get there and sooner. Thank you!

OHIAS is a people, community and planet benefit organization.

William Callahan
PO Box 150 335
94915-0355 San Rafael

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