meteocontrol to launch the blue’Log XC power plant controller

Monitoring and power plant control: meteocontrol”s blue’Log X-Series offers a future-oriented solution for PV systems

meteocontrol to launch the blue

meteocontrol GmbH has added the blue’Log XC power plant controller to its blue’Log X-Series. (Source: meteocontrol GmbH)

Augsburg, February 27, 2019 – meteocontrol GmbH will launch sales of its blue’Log XC power plant controller on March 1, 2019. Together with the blue’Log XM, this enhanced version of the proven blue’Log X-Series is a future-oriented solution to monitor and control photovoltaic systems. The standard solution with increased compatibility, data quality and IT security quickly and precisely rules active and reactive power. The latest technical connection rules, extending from the free-field system with medium- and high-voltage grid feed-in (VDE-AR-N 4110/4120) to the roof system with self-consumption (VDE-AR-N 4105, zero feed-in), can be met as a result.

With the blue’Log X-Series, meteocontrol set its strategic goal for a future-proof monitoring solution in 2014. Drawing on a detailed market analysis and a comprehensive examination of customer feedback, the nationally and internationally successful provider of independent monitoring systems exhaustively refined the blue’Log X-Series. It introduced the blue’Log XM device in 2018 and will bring out the blue’Log XC for power plant control on March 1, 2019. Together, they create an exceptional industry-wide team for monitoring and grid integration of PV systems. “We subjected the new blue’Log XC power plant controller to a comprehensive field test in more than 150 systems and gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the process,” said Martin Schneider, the Managing Director of meteocontrol. “The product launch has been prepared in the best possible way.”

Standard solution for every PV system worldwide

Parameterizing instead of programming – meteocontrol continued to systematically apply the standard solution concept as a way of reducing planning efforts and minimizing commissioning risks: Functions and compatibilities can be validated in advance in test environments. The user interface shows transparently how the system is configured and which devices are connected.

The combination of the blue’Log XM and blue’Log XC can be used in every PV system around the world, from inverters, sensors and meters to monitoring of trackers, thanks to its high level of compatibility. The well-conceived user management system and the encryption of remote access and data transmission guarantee a high level of IT security. meteocontrol also placed a high priority on the development of data quality: “Our many years of experience have taught us that an excellent data foundation is the key to success,” Martin Schneider said. “For advanced data analysis done at the highest level, such as machine learning, the blue’Log X-Series produces excellent quality data.”

blue’Log XC: a new type of controller core to meet all needs

In developing the blue’Log XC, meteocontrol reacted to the constantly rising demands of PV grid integration; the transparent controller core makes it possible, for the very first time, to integrate control behavior into the grid simulation model. As a result, country-specific connection rules like those of the application rule TCR medium-voltage (VDE-AR-N 4110) in Germany can be correctly implemented and grid integration significantly improved. meteocontrol’s new power plant controller quickly and precisely controls active and reactive power. In the process, it ensures stable control at the grid-connection point. The blue’Log XC fulfills individual requirements at the grid connection of PV systems, such as zero feed-in, with the help of project-specific parameterizing by means of a graphic user interface.

“The growing photovoltaic market urgently needs a standard solution,” Martin Schneider said. “Planning becomes much easier and the commissioning safe as a result – no matter where the system is located. “On the basis of our strong commitment to quality and our goal of wanting to make proven systems even better, we combine innovation with experience and set the direction for the future with a long-term solution. The combination of blue’Log XM and XC serves all segments that require professional monitoring and reliable grid integration.”

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