New oil binding agent revolutionizes oil market

Absorption capacity of the oil binder is twice as high as before – no toxic residues and fully recyclable – a novel oil binder can”t prevent the oil disasters but can make it bearable.

Oil accidents have always been considered as mega disasters for the environment and for the responsible companies. Although a newly developed oil binder can”t prevent the oil disasters such as oil spill after the explosion on the oil rig “Deepwater Horizon” in 2010. However, due to its enormous absorption capacity it can dramatically reduce consequential damages. The Swiss company B.O.I. Biological Oil Intercepter PLC in Schaffhausen, Switzerland (in the course of formation) has now introduced the new oil binder. The mode of action of the B.O.I. surpasses all previous comparable products by more than double – and the manufacturing costs are roughly the same. The oil absorption capacity is in comparison to other rival products by up to 51 percent and higher. One kilo of B.O.I. binds about eight liters (8,14 ltr.) of oil in any form. In addition, it is non-toxic and recyclable.
The new product has already been developed up to its production and market maturity and approved by all official test certificates. B.O.I. is a light powder based on an attapulgide which is mixed with a spilt oil by the force of the water. Within the scope of the usage of B.O.I., it takes only two minutes to convert spilt oil into the semi-solid, rubbery lumps which thereupon can be easily skimmed. The necessary technologies in this regard already exist and they are also partially used by some oil companies and state authorities.
The results of the current skimming techniques (e.g. the use of oil pollution fighters) resp. their efficiency are/is very low. In contrast, the absorption capacity of B.O.I.-oil binder reach 99,9%. Moreover, the B.O.I.-oil binder floats on the water und cannot contaminate the seabed, because it is absolutely water-resistant. The B.O.I. is not a chemical dispersing agent but a novel unsinkable strength agent – the so-called “Gelling Agent”. This is an oil binder which transforms the spilled oil (by the natural movement of the waves) into a gum-like substance that can be easily removed from the water using the suction devises, skimmers or nets. Over 50% of the bound oil in the form of rubbery lumps can by press process be regained. The remaining quantity can be used in the rubber industry (for example in a tire manufacturing) or in the manufacture of briquettes as a heating medium, or it can be easily disposed of as a non-toxic waste.
The basic materials of B.O.I. have already been produced by chemical companies worldwide to tens of thousands of tons (although for other purposes) and thus they are at any time and unlimited available. The B.O.I.-characteristics were confirmed by independent testing institutes in Germany – The Materials Testing Office (MTO) of North Rhine-Westphalia, Dortmund and the Hygiene-Institute of the Ruhr district, the Institute for Environmental Hygiene and Toxicology, Gelsenkirchen. The MTO-certificate of 1. July 2014, for example, confirms the highest absorption capacity and highest binding quality compared to previously listed (about 170) different oil-binding agents. The environmental unscrupulous use of B.O.I.-oil binder was certified on 12. Mai 2014 by the Hygiene-Institute of the Ruhr district.
However, the B.O.I. Biological Oil Intercepter PLC (in the course of formation) as a group of investors is at the moment not able to produce the B.O.I.-oil binder in the required large quantities. The goal is to sell the entire know-how together with the new formula of the B.O.I.-oil binder as well as all usage and ownership rights or to grant a license.

Die B.O.I. Biological Oil Intercepter AG (i.G.) hat als Investorengruppe die Forschung und chemische Entwicklung des neuartigen Ölbindemittels finanziert. Alle notwendigen Gutachten zur Zulassung des biologischen Ölbinders wurden von B.O.I. eingereicht und die Zulassung erteilt. Inzwischen wurde das Produkt mit mehreren Praxistests zur Marktreife geführt.

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