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WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS 2013: Conference programme featuring some 140 presentations now online

The event alliance consisting of f-cell, BATTERY+STORAGE and the e-mobil BW TECHNOLOGIETAG will present a range of closely interwoven conference and trade fair topics under the joint motto “WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS”. The complete conference programme is now available for download at The programme for the three-day conference and exhibition event to be held … Weiterlesen »


f-cell, BATTERY+STORAGE and the e-mobil BW TECHNOLOGY DAY 2013 united in the WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS

In the autumn of 2012, the trade fair and conference alliance comprising f-cell, BATTERY+STORAGE and the e-mobil BW TECHNOLOGY DAY attracted well over 3,000 international guests. The focus in 2013 will be on growth and continued international expansion. The combined events devoted to all aspects of fuel-cell, hydrogen, battery and energy-storage technologies as well as … Weiterlesen »


Fuel cells, batteries and energy storage technologies: gaining momentum through the development of renewable energy sources

f-cell Trade Fair 2012 The shift to a new, sustainable energy supply system is proceeding at full speed. The joint f-cell and Battery+Storage conference and trade fair event focused on the contributions of hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries and on possible scenarios for an intelligent total energy system. The industries involved are characterized by a … Weiterlesen »


Energieautarkie ist möglich

Auf der Coburg Connecting Conference 2012 diskutieren Vertreter aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft zwei Tage lang über die Chancen der Energiewende. Vor allem die Kreativindustrie ist dabei gefragt. Die Zukunft der Energieversorgung ist dezentral und regenerativ. Darin waren sich namhafte Vertreter von Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft bei der diesjährigen Coburg Connecting Conference einig. Die Techniken für eine … Weiterlesen »


Conference f-cell and Battery+Storage: programme online now

The Messe Stuttgart event venue. Energy supply systems of the future: no realistic scenario without hydrogen, fuel-cells and batteries. The internationally acclaimed f-cell hydrogen and fuel-cell industry forum and the new Battery+Storage conference and trade fair will provide a comprehensive overview of the state of technology, production processes and applications in these two fields in … Weiterlesen »


f-cell 2011: Electrically mobile with fuel cells and batteries

What does the future of the passenger car look like? During the international fuel cell specialist forum f-cell, vehicle manufacturers will report on their concepts for future electric mobility with fuel cells and batteries. The congress and trade fair on September 26 and 27 in Stuttgart will also provide information on the latest progress in … Weiterlesen »