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Trillion Trees Initiative and Species Protection Program

Biodiversity forests and reforestation with various tree species The Greening Deserts Trillion Trees Initiative can reduce negative climate changes, deforestation, droughts, desertification, land degradation, floods and global warming on a large scale – especially in human-made deserts, drylands and wastelands. Different nations, organisations, personalities and institutions have already expressed their interest. Let’s make the … Weiterlesen »

26 The first 360° Ocean – Magazine

Ecopreneurship in Journalism 3.0. Surfers, divers, kite surfers, sailors, environmental activists, explorers, scientists, conscious consumers and modern trendsetters finally have their own comprehensive source to gain information about the sea: OceanAmp! The platform brings together articles and segments of interest concerning the ocean, which are otherwise submerged beneath the vast tide of news in the … Weiterlesen »