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More efficient crushed sand production

Rotor impact mills with a narrow milling gap produce a higher proportion of fine sand The feed material is thrown against the anvil ring of the rotor impact mill . BHS-Sonthofen introduced their new rotor impact mill of type RPMF, a variant of the proven rotor impact mills of type RPM, at bauma 2016. The … Weiterlesen »


Major contract from Switzerland: Non-ferrous metals in incinerator bottom ash are turned into valuable resources

Processing and refinement of metals derived from waste incineration plant slag and other metal-bearing materials The head office of DHZ in the Swiss municipality of Lufingen was built using sustainable materials. BHS-Sonthofen was commissioned by Swiss-based DHZ AG to build a complete plant for processing concentrated metals bound in incinerator bottom ash. The plant will … Weiterlesen »


BHS-Sonthofen: Sand with maximum grain size 300 µm

Treatment of sand for dry mortar plants: Rotor impact mills are meeting extraordinary demands in Thailand BHS rotor impact mill of type RPM 1513 with 12 hammers and 200 kW drive power. The BHS rotor impact mills of type RPM are becoming more and more popular for the production of sand for dry mortar. They … Weiterlesen »


BHS-Sonthofen: Creating value from overburden

Economical alternative to wet processing of clay-and-rock mixtures The Combimix system of type DKXC in a CEMEX France treatment plant The dry Combimix process developed by BHS-Sonthofen removes clay adhesions from screen waste produced in quarries and gravel pits. Operators report that they are able to convert more than 90% of contaminated feed material into … Weiterlesen »


IFAT premiere: New ball shaper for fine fractions containing metal reclaims more recyclable materials

Reclamation of recyclable materials from e-scrap, shredder residues and slag BHS rotor impact mills of type RPMV/RPMX are high-performance crushers At IFAT 2016, BHS-Sonthofen unveiled the new rotor impact mill of type RPMX for separating composite parts and shaping metals from recycling products such e-scrap, shredder residues (ASR) and slag into balls. The new RPMX … Weiterlesen »


AMNI shredding machines for recycling applications

Treatment of all kinds of materials: Shredding technology rounds off BHS-Sonthofen”s product range Managing Director Dennis Kemmann (right) together with Udo Becker BHS-Sonthofen has acquired all technical designs and documents, patent rights and trademark of the recycling technology division of AMNI Maschinenbau GmbH in Iserlohn (Germany) following its insolvency, effective from December 12, 2013. This … Weiterlesen »


BHS-Sonthofen expands business into North America

BHS-Sonthofen provides Mixing Technologies for Concrete and Special Applications to include environmental and mining industries By establishing a “Mixing Division” in the USA, BHS-Sonthofen will now service customers in North America through its own sales organization. The U.S. subsidiary BHS-Filtration Inc. in Charlotte, N. C. is united by the “Mixing Division”. Moving forward, all North … Weiterlesen »