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Asahi Kasei Starts Green Hydrogen Production at the World’s Largest Single-Stack Alkaline-Water Electrolysis System in Fukushima


Millionenauftrag für Proton Motor

Elektrobushersteller ebe EUROPA bestellt 15 Wasserstoff-Brennstoffzellen mit Auftragswert 4.1 Millionen EUR Brennstoffzellen-Stackmodul der Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH_Schrägansicht Puchheim, 9. April 2019 – Der oberbayerische Brennstoffzellen-Spezialist Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH aus Puchheim bei München gab jetzt im Rahmen seiner erfolgreichen Messeteilnahme auf der “Integrated Energy” parallel zur Hannover Messe die neue Auftragsbestätigung von ebe … Weiterlesen »


Asahi Kasei starts green hydrogen demonstration project in Soma, Fukushima

Large-Scale Alkaline-Water Electrolysis Plant (Source: @Asahi Kasei) Düsseldorf, May 24, 2018 – Asahi Kasei continues to strengthen its activities in the hydrogen business. Following the start of a demonstration project in Herten, Germany, in April 2018, the Japanese technology company now launched an alkaline-water electrolysis demonstration project in Soma, Fukushima, Japan. The new project aims … Weiterlesen »


New International Newsletter about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Hydrogeit Verlag offers 25 % early bird discount for H2-international subscribers H2-international There is a major information deficit with the topic of hydrogen and fuel cell technology – both in expert circles and in the public realm. There are almost no affordable English magazines that cover the research results from other regions of the world. … Weiterlesen »


WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS 2013: Batteries and hydrogen have immense potential as energy storage media

Coordinating supply and demand for electrical power is a challenge that takes on an entirely new dimension when a renewable energy system is added to the equation. From 30 September to 2 October 2013, industry experts will be presenting and discussing a variety of solutions at the f-cell, BATTERY+STORAGE, e-mobil BW TECHNOLOGIETAG and Solar Energy … Weiterlesen »


Fuel cells, batteries and energy storage technologies: gaining momentum through the development of renewable energy sources

f-cell Trade Fair 2012 The shift to a new, sustainable energy supply system is proceeding at full speed. The joint f-cell and Battery+Storage conference and trade fair event focused on the contributions of hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries and on possible scenarios for an intelligent total energy system. The industries involved are characterized by a … Weiterlesen »


f-cell trade fair in Stuttgart: energy solutions with hydrogen and fuel cells

Scene from the f-cell trade fair 2011 The f-cell fuel cell trade fair is growing by leaps and bounds. Exhibitors have already reserved twice as much exhibition space as last year. The combined industry conference and trade fair will take place at the trade fair centre (Messe Stuttgart) in Stuttgart from 8 to 10 October … Weiterlesen »


f-cell and Battery+Storage: An international event alliance with a (new) distinctive face

Hydrogen, fuel cells and storage technologies – topics that are often closely related in practice today. Thus it is only logical that the world-renowned f-cell industry forum and the new Battery+Storage conference and trade fair will take place concurrently at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Grounds (Messe Stuttgart) from 8 to 10 October 2012. The topic … Weiterlesen »


f-cell 2011: Electrically mobile with fuel cells and batteries

What does the future of the passenger car look like? During the international fuel cell specialist forum f-cell, vehicle manufacturers will report on their concepts for future electric mobility with fuel cells and batteries. The congress and trade fair on September 26 and 27 in Stuttgart will also provide information on the latest progress in … Weiterlesen »


f-cell 2011: Mit Brennstoffzellen und Batterien elektrisch mobil

Wie sieht die Zukunft des Autos aus? Während des internationalen Brennstoffzellen-Fachforums f-cell berichten Fahrzeughersteller von ihren Konzepten für eine künftige Elektro-Mobilität mit Brennstoffzellen und Batterien. Kongress und Messe am 26./27. September in Stuttgart informieren außerdem über den neuesten Stand bei der Brennstoffzellennutzung in portablen Geräten, stationär für Hausenergie- oder Notstromversorgung sowie über Wasserstoff herstellung, -infrastruktur … Weiterlesen »