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Rotor Impact Mill turns previously unusable automotive shredder residue into a valuable resource

Recovering metals from fine shredder fractions: Non-ferrous metal fractions become usable thanks to enhanced processing. The BHS Rotor Impact Mill of type RPMV is shown in the center Kajaanin Romu Oy operates one of Finland”s most advanced plants for recycling scrap in the town of Kajaani, located approximately 500 km northeast of Helsinki. The company … Weiterlesen »


BHS-Sonthofen supplies the largest indexing belt filter in the company”s history

Extraction of reusable substances from plant waste: New plant makes several process stages superfluous. The BHS indexing belt filter during final assembly at the beginning of 2016 at the Sonthofen plant. BHS-Sonthofen has received the order from an American customer to supply an indexing belt filter for extracting reusable substances from plant waste. With a … Weiterlesen »


12 MWp Power Plant by Emmvee

From 0 to 12 MWp in Seven Weeks Power Plant with Emmvee Modules Emmvee, manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, project developer and epc, have planned and developed a solar park with almost 12 MWp within 7 weeks. The park has been established on an old air port near Bronkow, a beautiful village in the state of … Weiterlesen »