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Reliably connect to the Spanish power system with blue”Log XC

blue”Log XC certified to RD 244/2019: meteocontrol controller meets the most stringent requirements for PV self-consumption systems in Spain (Source: meteocontrol GmbH) Augsburg, May 05, 2020 – meteocontrol GmbH has successfully obtained certification for its blue”Log XC controller for PV self-consumption on the Spanish power grid. The controller meets all requirements according to the Royal … Weiterlesen »


meteocontrol plants company forest

Trees for climate protection: meteocontrol supports reforestation in Nicaragua (Source: meteocontrol) Augsburg, April 22, 2020 – With a donation of 5,000 Euro to PRIMAKLIMA meteocontrol GmbH sets an example for climate protection and supports a smallholder family in Nicaragua in the reforestation of a fallow area. Commitment to climate protection through innovative solutions for the … Weiterlesen »


meteocontrol adds new site in Dubai

Monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems: meteocontrol continues internationalization strategy Rouven Lenhart and Jonas Riexinger (Source: meteocontrol GmbH) Augsburg/Dubai, January 09, 2020 – meteocontrol GmbH, a global provider of independent PV monitoring systems, is strengthening its international business once again – this time with a focus on the Middle East through the addition of meteocontrol … Weiterlesen »


High-precision satellite solar irradiance data for the VCOM Cloud

meteocontrol and Solcast form partnership: Location-specific solar irradiance data and yield simulations for photovoltaic systems around the world meteocontrol GmbH and Solcast cooperate (Source: jim, 945_7039.NEF – Augsburg/Sydney, December 4, 2019 – meteocontrol GmbH, one of the leading global providers of independent monitoring solutions for PV systems, has partnered with Solcast: The Australian service … Weiterlesen »


meteocontrol adds VCOM CMMS to the PV monitoring portal

Comprehensive solution for the technical operation management of photovoltaic systems: monitoring and O&M on a single platform meteocontrol GmbH has added the VCOM CMMS to its PV monitoring portal VCOM Cloud (Source: meteocontrol GmbH) Augsburg, September 24, 2019 – Automated processes, efficient operations, high quality, more service and transparency for customers: meteocontrol GmbH sets new … Weiterlesen »