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Recovering more marketable material from waste

Pre-shredder with a special crossbeam facilitates precise sorting The pre-shredder is particularly suited for the pre-shredding of large or voluminous materials BHS-Sonthofen will present the pre-shredder of type VRS 1215 at IFAT 2018. It is used for the pre-shredding of domestic and commercial waste, white goods, electronic waste and building materials. For the first time, … Weiterlesen »


The #binbagchallenge: For clean beaches and oceans worldwide

For clean beaches and oceans worldwide: The #binbagchallenge of and Ban’s Diving Resort Plastic waste, especially in the oceans, is a problem for nature worldwide. In order to combat this, everyone can do something. This is the reason why the #binbagchallenge of, the world’s unique platform to compare and rate dive-professionals, dive Centres … Weiterlesen »


BHS-Sonthofen supplies the largest indexing belt filter in the company”s history

Extraction of reusable substances from plant waste: New plant makes several process stages superfluous. The BHS indexing belt filter during final assembly at the beginning of 2016 at the Sonthofen plant. BHS-Sonthofen has received the order from an American customer to supply an indexing belt filter for extracting reusable substances from plant waste. With a … Weiterlesen »


IFAT debut: New Universal Shredder – completely redesigned

Recycling and crushing technology The new Universal Shredder of type NGU 0513: The screen basket (purple) can be lowered downwards. BHS-Sonthofen will unveil the new Universal Shredder of type NGU at IFAT 2016. This new product extends the company”s range of single-shaft shredders by a machine designed for conventional recycling facilities and use in the … Weiterlesen »


Major contract from Switzerland: Non-ferrous metals in incinerator bottom ash are turned into valuable resources

Processing and refinement of metals derived from waste incineration plant slag and other metal-bearing materials The head office of DHZ in the Swiss municipality of Lufingen was built using sustainable materials. BHS-Sonthofen was commissioned by Swiss-based DHZ AG to build a complete plant for processing concentrated metals bound in incinerator bottom ash. The plant will … Weiterlesen »


West Africa’s flagship event in RE & environmental protection featuring official German pavilion

Ghana is ranked among the top 6 export markets in 2014


BHS-Sonthofen: Saving gold from landfills!

Recovery of metals from fine shredder fractions: The BHS rotor impact mill is the centerpiece of the complete solution for recycling. The rotor impact mill of type RPMV is a high-performance, vertical-shaft crusher When automobile scrap and electronic equipment are shredded, the fine fractions of the crushed material still contain considerable amounts of precious metals … Weiterlesen »


AMNI shredding machines for recycling applications

Treatment of all kinds of materials: Shredding technology rounds off BHS-Sonthofen”s product range Managing Director Dennis Kemmann (right) together with Udo Becker BHS-Sonthofen has acquired all technical designs and documents, patent rights and trademark of the recycling technology division of AMNI Maschinenbau GmbH in Iserlohn (Germany) following its insolvency, effective from December 12, 2013. This … Weiterlesen »